Sri Brahmam - audio and video recordings of the Prague meetings - July and August 2012

The recordings are in English with Czech translation. The videos are links to youtube.

Prague 2012
Jul 21 Sat-17:00   mp3  video
Jul 22 Sun10:00   mp3  video17:00   mp3
Jul 23 Mon--
Jul 24 Tue-18:00 - meditation   mp3  video
Jul 25 Wed-18:00   mp3  video
Jul 26 Thu--
Jul 27 Fri-18:00   mp3
Jul 28 Sat-17:00   mp3  video
Jul 29 Sun10:00 answers
to questions   mp3  video
17:00   mp3
Jul 30 Mon--
Jul 31 Tue-18:00 - meditation   mp3
Aug 01 Wed-18:00   mp3  video
Aug 02 Thu-18:00   mp3

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These videos and many others can be watched on youtube at this address.